"Out of the Box" Thinking Helps Waterbury Youth with School Attendance

David Burgos, Programs Supervisor at the CT Junior Republic and Chair of the BTS Positive Youth Development workgroup, talks about how his staff's innovative thinking helped a Waterbury student turn his school absenteeism into positive attendance.


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Care4Kids Impact

Learn about the impact -  “What Will Happen if Care4Kids is No Longer Available--HD” from Randi McCray on Vimeo:  https://vimeo.com/189933035



Waterbury Childcare Accessibility and Enrollment Study Released


We are pleased to share the “Childcare Accessibility and Enrollment in Waterbury, 2016” study prepared by DataHaven and commissioned by The Leever Foundation. The report provides information on the number of young children by zip code and neighborhood, available childcare slots by cost and type (family, center, school based)and the relative adequacy or shortage by neighborhood. An important part of this work was the development of the maps identifying the locations of childcare and the availability of slots.  While the maps in the report are screenshots, the maps can be updated interactively through the use of software as well as a simple Excel sheet to revise the charts in the report that show slots and availability.  Click here for a link to the report and the accompanying presentation.


The report was recently released to the community by a representative of DataHaven at Veterans’ Memorial Hall, City Hall, in Waterbury.  Numerous early childhood partners, board of education members, school administrators, parents and other community partners, including Mayor Neil O’Leary and Superintendent Kathleen Ouellette, convened to learn more about the study. Community members will strive to utilize this information to assist families in learning more about the availability and value of preschool and childcare providers and work to find ways to eliminate the barriers and challenges they face.





2016 Community Youth Resource Guide now Available


2016 Community Youth Resource Guide is now available on BTS Resources Page - click here to view the guide.  You will find Basic Needs, Child Care Providers, Youth Enrichment and Mental Health resources tailored to the Waterbury community in the guide.


The following BTS Community Council seats are now open:


  • Business - someone who owns or works for a for-profit business in Waterbury.
  • Youth - A youth aged 18-24 who is active in the community and lives in Waterbury.
  • Mental HealthSomeone engaged in the provision of mental health care to children and/or youth in Waterbury

Nominees represent the category for which their seat is named and volunteer Council members are elected for up to three (3) year terms of office. 


Link to online nomination form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BTSCC2017


The BTS Community Council is intended to be a reflection of Waterbury and strives to do its work in an open and transparent manner with public participation and collaboration.  People of all ethnicities, people with disabilities, veterans, and LGBT candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.  




BTS Community Report Card

85 passionate Waterbury partners developed a Community Report Card to outline child and youth data. Stories demonstrate what the community is doing to ensure success of the city’s children and youth. This report card is one of Waterbury’s first steps at taking a clear, transparent look at child and youth data, and unpacking it by gender, race/ethnicity, and economic status. It shines light on the areas where we can do better for the city’s youth given the significant economic, gender or race/ethnicity disparities that exist across child and youth outcomes.  It acknowledges that no single organization can take responsibility for the existence of these community challenges, just as no one organization alone can ensure every child’s success.  The data in the Community Report Card shows us that we can no longer do business as usual if we are to see better results for our city’s youngest citizens.  This Community Partnership is needed to ensure youth succeed in school, work and life. 89 public and private partners are now working closely with parents and youth to improve youth outcomes. 


  • Dr. Kathleen M. Ouellette: "By joining forces, we ensure the City’s youth, from cradle to career, have access to the quality healthcare, education and support they need to become successful adults.”
  • Rubis Collado: “Hope has replaced frustration, by developing volunteers and creating unity in the community. When we hold hands together, it’s amazing what we can accomplish.” 
  • Mayor Neil M. O’Leary: “Waterbury’s Bridge to Success Community Partnership is to be commended for keeping the focus on the City’s children and youth.”  

The city’s public and private partners agree that it’s time for all partners to unite and change the way we do business to ensure the city’s youth, from cradle to career, have access to necessary quality education and environmental support. 



BTS News:


Please click here to view an overview of the October 15 Press Release and Community Forum.

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Please click here to view Waterbury Republican American newspaper article about David Burgos, Chair of Positive Youth Development workgroup honored as Waterbury Mayor of the Day July 24, 2015

Dave Burgos Mayor of Day 2015 photo.jpg






Click here to view the Community Report Card


 April 3, 2015 - BTS partners were honored by a visit from Deborah S. Delisle, US Department of Education Assistant Secretary, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education!


Assistant Secretary Delisle was pleased to hear about the important partnerships enhancing the lives of Waterbury's children and youth including the Bridge to Success Community Partnership, the Waterbury Public Schools and Taft School Global Leadership Institute, and the Greater Waterbury Health Improvement Partnership.  Ms. Delisle noted the importance of educational partnerships and the collective impact framework, and the BTS affiliation with StriveTogether.

Delisle visit April 2015 (600x800).jpg

In photo from left to right: Jamella Lee - The Taft School, Lori Hart - Bridge to Success Community Partnership, Anne Marie Cullinan - Waterbury Public Schools, Deborah Delisle - US Department of Education, and Cynthia Vitone - Waterbury Department of Health




BTS Partners attend the 7/10/2014 BTS Mayoral Press Conference at City Hall to celebrate Waterbury being named one of

only 49 communities in the whole country

to meet StriveTogether quality benchmarks








We invite you to join us in continuing to help Waterbury’s youth succeed in school, work and life - join us today!


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