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BTS Community Messengers 

The BTS Community Messengers are a group of 9 volunteers that help keep Waterbury families informed about what is happening in the city. T-Shirts, tote bags and ID badges are provided to identify Messengers as individuals who know how to find the right resources to help families raise their children and assure they are successful in school, work and life.


The Messengers will do their best to refer you to resources in the community. They attend monthly professional development meetings to learn from a diverse group of speakers and keep informed about events and programs in Waterbury. 


All parents and caregivers should be empowered with information, family-centered, family-driven support and the skills needed to ensure that they are their children’s first and most important teacher. Community Messengers communicate with parents in Waterbury’s diverse neighborhoods. This program connects those who have the trust of their neighborhood with resources available. 



Get Connected Waterbury Database

Get Connected Waterbury is one-stop connection to resources for all of the residents in Waterbury, Connecticut!  

The website ( is a continually updated, comprehensive database of services provided by the City, non-profit and community organizations. The site has been created to enhance knowledge of and empower broader access to the wide array of programs and services available in Waterbury. The site is also a tool that service providers can use to assist clients with referrals to needed supports, thereby encouraging collaboration and cooperation among organizations that serve those in need in our community.

We encourage you to visit the site and give us your feedback!

Get Connected Waterbury was made possible by a partnership between Bridge to Success, the City of Waterbury, the United Way of Greater Waterbury, the Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness and the Connecticut 2-1-1, a program of the United Way of Connecticut. The site is powered by


Weekly BTS Bulletin

See how BTS partners help Waterbury youth succeed in school, work and life with our weekly update.  Newly redesigned, the bulletin features these sections:


1.General BTS News

2.Basic Needs

3.Early Care & Education

3.Family Engagement & Community Events

4.Positive Youth Development

5.Asset of the Week

6.Program Provider Resources & Events

7.Training & Workforce Development

8.Volunteer Positions/Opportunities


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Attendance Matters Materials:



  1. BTS Bulletin Submission Form
  2. BTS Partnership Agreement
  3. 2-1-1 Agency Information Form

Basic Needs

  1. Diaper Bank
  2. Waterbury Food Pantries
  3. Youth Resource Center - Waterbury Youth Services System
  4. Housing Crisis Assistance
  5. Acts 4 Furniture, Clothing, Housewares
  6. Safe Haven
  7. Acts4 - Children in Need of Uniforms-English
  8. Acts4 - Children in Need of Uniforms-Spanish
  9. McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance for Children/Youth-English
  10. McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance for Children/Youth-Spanish

Health & Nutrition

  1. Healthy Living Leadership Opportunities Worksheet
  2. Healthy Living Message - 5-2-1-0 Printable Poster

  3. Healthy Living Message - 5-2-1-0 Coloring Page

  4. Healthy Living Message - 5-2-1-0 Logo

  5. Take the Stairs Flyer

  6. Putting on Airs - Asthma-English

  7. Putting on Airs - Asthma-Spanish

  8. Putting on Airs Referral Form
  9. Wellmore Behavioral Health-Children's Outpatient Services
  10. NAMI Basics Waterbury
  11. NAMI Waterbury-Spanish
  12. Perspectives Center for Care, Inc.
  13. Waterbury Hospital-Adolescent Behavioral Health Services
  14. Connecticare Insurance Center Opens in Waterbury
  15. Narcan Training-Waterbury-Nov. 6
  16. Cooking Matters-Staywell
  17. Wellmore-Adult Outpatient Programs
  18. Wellmore-OASIS Treatment Program
  19. Wellmore-Child Outpatient Program
  20. Wellmore-All Children's Programs/Services

Early Care & Education

    1. Early Literacy Packet

    2. Catholic Charities School Readiness
    3. Catholic Charities - South Main St. Child Care
    4. Easter Seals All Kids Child Care
    5. Little Children Big Challenges - Sesame Street-English

    6. Little Children Big Challenges - Sesame Street-Spanish

    7. Rainbow Academy - English

    8. Rainbow Academy - Spanish

    9. School Readiness Preschool Programs-English & Spanish

    10. School Readiness Preschool Programs-Albanian
    11. School Readiness Pre-School Program Site Locations 2017-2018

    12. Gearing Up for Kindergarten! School Readiness Programs
    13. Silas Bronson Library Children's Programs

    14.       Babies & Books

    15. How to Get a Library Card
    16. Tools &Tips for Reading with Children

    17. Kindergarten Registration -2017-18-English

    18. Help Me Grow - Top Ten Things

    19. Team, Inc. Programs
    20. Team, Inc. Early Head Start Home Visiting
    21. UConn C.A.P. Lab and UConn Kids Developmental Science
    22. Lighthouse Daycare Afterschool Program
    23. Lighthouse Kindergarten Registration
    24. Wilson and Reed FRC "Little Learners" Playgroups
    25. DataHaven Childcare Accessibility and Enrollment Study
    26. DataHaven Childcare Accessibility and Enrollment Presentation
    27. Reading Success by 3rd Grade
    28. ACES Early Childhood Trainings-Fall 2017
    29. ACES Number Talks Training

Family Engagement

  1. Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood-English
  2. Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood-Spanish
  3. Women's Inspirational Network Brochure
  4. - Connecticut's research engine
  5. Positive Ways to Engage Families-BTS Parent Focus Group Feedback
  6. Children's Law Center of CT - Law Line
  7. Families in Transition Mediation  - Children's Law Center
  8. Warrior Princess
  9. Warrior Princess-Personal Power Workshops
  10. Warrior Princess-Support Group
  11. Wellmore Behavioral Health-Children's Outpatient Services
  12. A Good Family Man-Fatherhood Program-New Opptys
  13. Region 5 Fatherhood Engagement Leadership Team
  14. F.A.C.E. brochure
  15. F.A.C.E. flyer
  16. School Family Community Partnership Action Teams
  17. Safe Haven
  18. Free U.S. Citizen Classes-Catholic Charities
  19. Waterbury Reads Storymobile
  20. Comedy Night-Ungroup Fundraiser-Nov. 18

Positive Youth Development

  1. Girls Inc Fall After School Programs
  2. Girls Inc Zumba Fall 2017
  3. Girls Inc Gymnastics Fall 2017
  4. Girls Inc Sewing Fall 2017
  5. Girls Inc Karate Fall 2017
  6. Girls Inc Mini-Camps
  7. PACT360 Prevention Education Sessions
  8. Boys & Girls Club - Program and Gym Space
  9. Youth Priorities Calendar Topics/Tips
  10. 40 Developmental Assets - English/Spanish
  11. L.A.C.E Youth Leadership Program - Hispanic Coalition
  12. El Centro Cultural - Hispanic Coalition
  13. Girls Volleyball League - Hispanic Coalition
  14. Guitar Lessons - Hispanic Coalition
  15. Tutor Application - Hispanic Coalition
  16. Marrakech Youth Business Proposal
  17. WOW/NRZ Programs
  18. Support & Social Group - LGBTQ Teens
  19. Mentoring to Make a Difference-WYSS
  20. FreeTHEM Foundation Youth Classes
  21. Big Brothers Big Sisters - Program Overview
  22. Big Brothers Big Sisters - Prospective Littles Flyer
  23. Big Brothers Big Sisters - Child Referral Form
  24. Perspectives Center for Care-Girls Circle
  25. Perspectives Center for Care-Boys Council
  26. Mentors for Youth-Butterflies with Voices
  27. Save Girls on FYER Afterschool Enrichment Academy
  28. Women's World Forum-Nov. 7
  29. Greater Waterbury List Music/Art Contest Rules
  30. Greater Waterbury List Music/Art Contest Rules-Spanish
  31. LIST Contest - Release
  32. LIST Contest - Release-Spanish
  33. DCF Virtual Academy

Provider Resources & Events

    1. - Connecticut's research engine
    2. Magazines for Literacy
    3. TEAM, Inc. - Teaching Assistant Position-40 hrs
    4. TEAM, Inc. - Teaching Assistant Position-32.5 hrs

Special Needs

  1. Autism Parent/Caregiver Support Network - Naugatuck YMCA
  2. Medical Home Training Curriculum
  3. All-Abilities Alliance

Training and Workforce Development

    1. NVCC Manufacturing Technology Program
    2. United Labor Agency-Computer Basics, Job Search Workshops
    3. Marrkech Youth Business Proposal
    4. Goodwill Career Center - All Location Information
    5. Building Pathways CT Application
    6. Building Pathways CT FAQ Sheet
    7. SNAP Education/Training Programs-NVCC




The Bridge to Success Plan


Click here to read The Bridge to Success plan in its entirety.  The plan details how Waterbury schools, businesses, parents and the community can collaborate to build the bridges that will enable the successful development of local youth from cradle to career.  
This plan is a result of more than a decade of program development specifically focused on the achievement of young people. The progress has been volunteer-driven and is made possible thanks to the generous support of the following funders:


  • American Savings Foundation
  • Children's Fund of Connecticut
  • Connecticut Community Foundation
  • Corrine G. Levin Fund
  • Connecticut State Department of Education
  • Connecticut Office of Early Childhood 
  • Easter Seals of Greater Waterbury
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston
  • Friends of BTS
  • Grossman Family Foundation
  • Ion Bank Foundation
  • The Elisha Leavenworth Foundation
  • The Leever Foundation
  • Liberty Bank Foundation
  • Office of the Mayor and City of Waterbury
  • Parents and other Community Members
  • StayWell Health
  • Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation
  • United Way of Greater Waterbury
  • Watertown Foundation
  • Wellmore Behavioral Health – ChildFIRST
  • William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund

Visit our Partners page to see all of the volunteers and organizations whose efforts make the plan a success. 


Join the Movement

We invite you to join us in continuing to help Waterbury’s youth succeed in school, work and life.


Connecticut's 2-1-1


Please visit Infoline 2-1-1 for information about helping your child or young adult search for something that will inspire them.


We invite you to join us in continuing to help Waterbury’s youth succeed in school, work and life - join us today!


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